27 Apr 2009

Accused told of stabbing taxi driver, say witnesses

7:16 pm on 27 April 2009

Two teenagers charged with murder told witnesses they had "shanked" or stabbed a Christchurch taxi driver, a court has been told.

Randall Legion Wiremu Brown, 19, and a person aged 16 at the time are accused of fatally stabbing Abdulrahman Ikhtiari on 6 December last year.

A witness, aged 15, who cannot be named, gave evidence at a depositions hearing at the Christchurch Youth Court on Monday.

The witness told the court he saw the accused about 4am or 5am the morning after Mr Ikhtiari died.

He told the court the 16-year-old said he had stabbed someone in the face, but Mr Brown then told him to shut up.

The witness says the accused were "amped" or keyed up and appeared as though they had had a good night out.

Witness Josh Morgan told the court on Monday he saw the accused at a club.

He said Mr Brown told him he had held the taxi driver while the other accused stabbed him.

The Crown will call 24 witnesses during the hearing, which is set down for four days.

The Crown's summary of facts has been suppressed at the request of the defence.