27 Apr 2013

Fuel tax, road charges suggested for Auckand

11:24 am on 27 April 2013

A new petrol tax and toll roads are back on the agenda for Aucklanders in a new report looking at ways to fund future transport projects in the city.

Auckland's 30-year plan includes public transport and roading projects for which there is no obvious funding.

A council-commissioned group studying options for plugging the $12 billion funding gap has narrowed 20 ideas to two packages.

Both proposals include higher rates and public transport fares.

One has a regional fuel tax rising at less than 1 cent each year, while the other puts tolls on new roads, or fees to drive into certain areas such as downtown Auckland.

The group says the first package of new funding needs to be in place in two years, and Aucklanders will be asked for their views.