1 May 2013

Rejected baby names

5:12 pm on 1 May 2013

The latest list of baby names which have been rejected by registrars range from the satanic and profane to the godly and royal.

It includes the names King, Rogue, V8, Anal and full stop as well as six Lucifers, a Queen Victoria, Christ and Messiah.

Rules governing what names are allowed by the Department of Internal Affairs ban any titles that contain punctuation, numbers or initials, use an unearned title or are offensive to the general public.

Eight parents sought to put back slashes between names and one tried to call their baby full stop (.).

Parents also gravitated towards the name HQ and Roman numerals.

The most common banned names are titles such as Justice, which was turned down 62 times, and Princess, which was rejected 28 times.