14 May 2013

Auckland cathedral seeks $3m from council

10:12 pm on 14 May 2013

New Zealand's oldest and biggest Anglican church is asking the Auckland Council for $3 million of ratepayers' money for renovations.

The Holy Trinity Cathedral in the suburb of Parnell needs to raise a total of $12 million for what it calls essential upgrades.

The cathedral hosts more than 300 events each year and held the funeral services for Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Paul Holmes and Sir Paul Reeves.

The church wants to complete work it started decades ago, including finishing a chapel, joining St Mary's Church to the cathedral and repairing the organ.

It has raised $5 million so far, but is asking the council to contribute $3 million.

The Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Jo Kelly-Moore, says council funding is being sought because the church is a vital part of the city.

The council will consider the funding in June.