21 May 2013

Group says Unitary Plan smoke, mirrors and spin

9:23 pm on 21 May 2013

A group calling for a rethink of Auckland's 30-year blueprint, the Unitary Plan, says the council is engaged in smoke and mirrors, and PR spin.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse has accused Auckland 20-40 of circulating some misleading information.

But Grant Gillon, a local board member for Kaipatiki on the North Shore and part of Auckland 20-40, says many residents have misgivings about the transparency of Unitary Plan's process and the high-density housing it proposes.

He says residents were told the plan would simply be the 14 old plans merged, but the draft has many new proposals hidden throughout it.

Mr Gillon says the group hopes 5000 people will submit feedback, but the council has so far heard from only 2000.

Ms Hulse says the Unitary Plan is in its first draft and will change as some parts are not clear, do not make sense or are just plain wrong.