27 May 2013

Boy racers unaware of damage antics can cause - police

7:38 pm on 27 May 2013

Nelson police say boy racers have no perception of the risk their antics pose to themselves and others.

Two cars were recorded at speeds of up to 179km/h on Whakatu Drive just before midnight on Friday. Police say the vehicles were being driven by teenagers and with passengers.

Another car was spotted on Sunday morning reaching speeds of 172km/h.

Acting Tasman road policing manager Phil Wooding says the drivers do not understand the dangerous speeds.

He says because the modern vehicles they are driving can handle very high speeds, they create an illusion of safety.

However, Mr Wooding says things very easily go wrong at speed and the young drivers do not know what to do.

Three vehicles have been impounded and the drivers have been suspended for 28 days. They also face charges of dangerous driving.

Another driver faces charges off resisting arrest, reckless driving and possession of cannabis after she attempted to flee police at 150km/h at 6am on Sunday.