29 May 2013

Repeat drink-driver set to be released

8:57 am on 29 May 2013

A repeat-drink driver responsible for four deaths will be released from prison for the eighth time next week.

Gavin Hawthorn is coming to the end of a decade-long manslaughter sentence for the death of his passenger, Lance Fryer, in a car crash in Greytown in 2003.

Full documents released by the Parole Board on Tuesday show that the 50-year-old deeply regrets his offending and, now that he is 10 years older, he is more mature.

In the 2003 crash Hawthorn smashed his car into a power pole after a night out drinking.

In 1989, Hawthorn killed three people when his vehicle crossed the centre line.

His other offending dates back to 1979 for burglary, theft and violence.

The Parole Board says Hawthorn will be released early next week and he must not drive, drink, take drugs, contact victims or visit Wairarapa without approval for a maximum of six months.

Lance Fryer's father, Gary Fryer, says Hawthorn has not participated in rehabilitation to improve himself and is likely to drink drive again.