30 May 2013

Napier charities for disabled children run out of money

10:58 am on 30 May 2013

Charities that cater for disabled children in Napier are closing or are at risk of closing soon because they are unable to source funding.

The Rainbow Umbrella Charitable Trust, which cares for disabled children after school, is closing on Thursday because it has run out of money, while Napier Riding for the Disabled says it has about one month's funding left.

Rainbow Umbrella Charitable Trust received government funding for four years but that has ended and it can't find the money to continue.

It says the after-school programme was hugely successful, giving disabled children the opportunity to socialise, build friendships and broaden their world in a safe and caring environment.

Spokesperson Jeannine Bainbridge says the closure is a huge loss for the children and their families.

"Its very isolating to be a disabled child. It's hard to find activities where people can join in and be accepted with their friends so this opportunity is going to be gone and it's really going to be irreplaceable for some fo the children."

The trust says many of its children also attend Napier Riding for the Disabled, so face a double whammy of services being taken away.

Napier Riding for the Disabled says many charities are struggling to survive at the moment because they can't get funding or donations.