21 May 2009

Call for NZ to become a 'No Moan Zone'

10:43 pm on 21 May 2009

Turning New Zealand into a 'No Moan Zone' is one of five best ideas to come out of an entrepreneurial summit.

More than 100 presentations were made at the Auckland summit on Thursday boost the country's resilience against the recession.

The five best ideas have been presented to Commerce Minister Simon Power.

Tom Mulholland from the Healthy Thinking Institute says productivity could be improved by making New Zealand a "No Moan Zone".

Dr Mulholland says it could be the basis for a television programme to screen overseas, called "Who Wants to be a New Zealander", with winners getting citizenship and $1 billion worth of prizes.

Another chosen idea was a Kiwi travel card, which would encourage tourism with a free long-haul flight for those spending more than $10,000.

Other best ideas were using possum fur in manufacturing, setting up a small business growth fund, and encouraging research and development.

Summit organiser Tony Falkenstein says the selected ideas must all be able to be implemented within 18 months.