10 Jun 2013

Otago water quality plans challenged

6:28 am on 10 June 2013

More than 20 appeals have been lodged against a proposal to improve water quality in Otago.

Otago Regional Council is seeking to reduce pollution through Plan Change 6.

Director of policy and resource planning Fraser McRae said appeals have been lodged by a wide range of concerned parties, from district councils to farmers and environmentalists.

He said their worries include consistency with national policy - the Resource Management Act and the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management.

Other concerns relate to the details of rules for particular catchments and the standards that people with water running off their farms or forests and entering rivers would be expected to comply with.

Mr McRae said the regional council will now begin mediating with those who lodged appeals and attempt to resolve their concerns and make agreements before hearings in the Environment Court.