10 Jun 2013

Doubts accord will provide affordable homes

7:04 pm on 10 June 2013

Local body leaders say the Government's proposed housing accords are not going to deliver affordable housing.

Property developers have also told a parliamentary select committee on Monday that, while supporting the accord idea, it will not deliver genuinely affordable homes.

Tauranga mayor Stuart Crosbie says the accord concept, intended to speed up home building firstly in Auckland, wrongly links land supply with house prices.

Mr Crosby says to create affordable housing, the Government will need to intervene as it did in past decades, helping to build homes and finance buyers.

Connal Townsend from the Property Council says boosting home construction will eventually make Auckland homes less expensive - but probably won't deliver affordable homes for those on lower incomes.

Several submitters criticised the haste in putting together the accord legislation, due back in Parliament in July.