11 Jun 2013

Shortage of ammunition in NZ

6:54 am on 11 June 2013

Ammunition dealers say a rush on guns and ammunition in the United States because worries about tighter gun control laws there, have caused a shortage of ammunition in this country. The situation is similar in Australia.

Mainly Hunting in Wellington imports ammunition and assistant manager Phil Pugh said sourcing some products from the United States is now very challenging.

He said Hornady, an American ammunition company, told him they cannot supply any more products this year, because of the demand at home.

Steve's Wholesale also imports ammunition from the United States.

Owner Steve Collings said the company has enough for this duck-shooting season his suppliers in America are sold out for the rest of the year.

But some types of ammunition used in pest control here are now hard to come by.

Belmont Precision Ammunition in Wanganui both manufactures and imports ammunition.

Owner Bruce McMillan has been in the business for 40 years, and says the United States would clean them out if if they were capable of producing large quantities - the demand is that high.

He said Belmont is selling a lot more of its ammunition within New Zealand because of the domestic demand in the United States.

Police say any shortage of ammunition imports will not affect it as they have their own suppliers to ensure they remain appropriately stocked.