27 May 2009

Boy racer legislation hailed as positive step

9:23 am on 27 May 2009

Businesses and residents in central Christchurch say new legislation targetting boy racers is a positive step.

The Government has introduced two bills to strengthen police and local government powers.

The legislation includes a provision to seize and destroy a car if the driver already has two convictions for illegal street racing offences in the previous four years.

It also allows local authorities to ban cars "cruising" city streets.

A motelier on Bealey Ave, which is lined with accommodation providers, says the sector is losing money as a result of rowdy and littering boy racers.

The businessman, who does not want to be named for fear of retaliation, says international tourists frequently ask whether the noise is as bad as reported.

He says he spends most weekend mornings apologising to his guests over breakfast and suspects many either leave early or do not return as a result.

A nearby resident says he has spent thousands of dollars boy racer-proofing his home, so he and his wife can sleep on weekend nights.