19 Jun 2013

Arrested ship may have to make for open sea

4:12 pm on 19 June 2013

A South Korean logging ship under arrest in Poverty Bay may have to set a course for open waters despite large sea swells forecast later this week.

STX, which owns the New Giant, has gone into receivership and the receiver has obtained a High Court order to seize the vessel which has 20 crew.

Gisborne Port manager Andrew Gaddum says the nature of the port means no ships will be able to berth during big swells.

Mr Gaddum says the New Giant may have to leave its anchorage offshore under the harbourmaster's direction as swells of up to six metres are forecast for Friday and Saturday.

"It would have to set to sea and basically ride out the event, effectively offshore of the East Coast."

Mr Gaddum says after the ship has ridden out the weather it will be required to return to Poverty Bay where it will remain under arrest.