23 Jun 2009

Wellington super-city inevitable, Dunne believes

9:08 pm on 23 June 2009

United Future leader Peter Dunne believes it is inevitable Wellington will go down the path of becoming a super-city.

Auckland is to become a super-city next year, with one mayor elected by voters and up to 30 community boards.

Mr Dunne says an organised, powerful and cohesive Auckland will present a major economic and political challenge to the capital.

The long-serving Wellington-based MP says the current local government arrangements in the region are cumbersome and disjointed.

Mr Dunne proposes a Wellington super-city extending as far north as Waikanae but excluding Wairarapa, with one elected council and mayor.

He says the region cannot afford to delay and should be developing a comprehensive plan ready to be implemented in time for local body elections next year.