4 Jul 2009

Magazine won't reveal cost of David Bain exclusive

10:29 pm on 4 July 2009

A women's magazine is to feature an exclusive interview with David Bain but is refusing to say how much it paid for the deal.

The interview, for New Idea, is the first Mr Bain has given since he was acquitted on 5 June of the 1994 murders of his parents, two sisters and brother, after a three-month retrial.

Editor Hayley McLarin said the interview covers a range of topics, from Mr Bain's childhood to his plans for the future, and will feature in the next edition.

Ms McLarin would not confirm what the magazine paid, citing confidentiality of the contract between Mr Bain and the magazine, but said the interview took a long time to secure.

She said the agreement precludes Mr Bain from talking to other media while the magazine is telling his story over the next two weeks.

Ms McLarin said there were no limitations placed on what the magazine could cover in the interview, but some subjects have not been covered because of possible future legal action by Mr Bain.

Mr Bain's chief supporter Joe Karam is making no comment, as he says it is an agreement between Mr Bain and the magazine.