16 Jul 2009

Pressure on NZ Samoans for new cars back home

12:00 pm on 16 July 2009

Representatives of the Samoan community say pressure from families in the islands for new cars will drive people to loan sharks.

Samoa is switching to driving on the left side of the road in September, after more than 100 years of right hand driving.

Manukau City Councillor Efu Koka says there's no point in buying a car for relatives in Samoa if the family here is hungry.

Former councillor Rosie Brown says families must focus on their financial priorities in New Zealand and not use loan sharks to get cash to buy cars for relatives.

Pacifica Tamaki president Josephine Bartley says loan sharks are not the only problem.

She says people who are already struggling, could resent sending money home to Samoa.