24 Jul 2009

Fears regulations will kill spontaneity at Rugby World Cup

4:10 pm on 24 July 2009

A Wellington businessman is worried commercial laws could kill spontaneity around the 2011 Rugby World Cup.

The Major Events Management Act is intended to stop 'ambush marketing' ruining the benefits that official sponsors pay for.

The Economic Development Ministry told a business forum in Wellington on Thursday night that breaches could be as subtle as a company promoting itself as a "proud sponsor" of the World Cup when, officially speaking, it is not.

Enforcement officers will ensure that stadiums, surrounding areas and nearby transport routes are free of advertisements.

But businessman Gerry Morris says onerous enforcement risks killing the spontaneity of innocent celebrations by local businesses.

As of Friday, the Rugby World Cup is now 777 days away. Game one is New Zealand against Tonga at Auckland's Eden Park on 9 September 2011.