11 Sep 2009

Shake-up of teacher training expected

5:40 pm on 11 September 2009

Teacher training is to get a further shake-up and some courses may not survive.

The Teachers Council is due to issue a review of teacher training on Thursday for consultation.

Radio New Zealand's education correspondent says it's expected to lead to a much more rigorous approach to the approval and monitoring of training courses.

Council director Peter Lind says some courses will have to think very carefully about whether they can continue to offer teacher training because of new requirements.

The consultation period will last until the end of October.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Anne Tolley has expressed interest in fast-tracking graduates into classrooms without specific teacher training.

Radio New Zealand's correspondent says the latest move by the council follows several years of concern about the quality of graduating teachers.

In 2004, a Parliamentary inquiry into teacher training was told that many trainees going into the classroom had limited general knowledge, limited vocabulary and could not write an adequate sentence or structure their ideas.

Mr Lind says he still hears complaints from principals about new teachers not being up to the job.

Principals Federation president Ernie Buutveld says schools will welcome a more rigorous approach.