19 Sep 2009

Transpower, opponents would do things differently in hindsight

6:29 pm on 19 September 2009

Transpower and those opposed to the building of a new electricity line from South Waikato to Auckland both say they would do things differently in hindsight.

A board of inquiry approved the $824m project on Friday - five years after it was first announced.

Construction of 426 pylons along a route extending almost 200km, will begin this summer. Power should be running through the 400KV line in 2012.

Transpower says its consultation process with landowners will be different for any new project in the future.

Chief executive Patrick Strange says it's been apparent from day one that people did not feel they had a say.

Opponent Lorraine Bilby says it always going to be a 'David and Goliath' battle, but there would have perhaps been a different outcome if they had had proper counsel at the Board of Inquiry.

She says they mistakenly believed the average person could represent themselves at the hearing.