28 Sep 2009

Dame Malvina and other singers pay tribute

7:51 pm on 28 September 2009

Members of the entertainment community were welcomed onto the Te Papaiouru Marae at Ohinemutu on Monday as they came to honour Sir Howard Morrison.

The weather was cold, wet and blustery on the fourth day of Sir Howard's tangi, as entertainers such as Dame Malvina Major, Frankie Stevens and Tina Cross were welcomed onto the marae.

Frankie Stevens said that the entertainment community has lost its kaumatua and Sir Howard would be irreplaceable.

Dame Malvina said that it was only on arriving on the marae that it really hit her that he had died.

Another at the tangi was businessman Owen Glenn, who said he and Sir Howard were kindred spirits. Sir Howard seriously considered standing for Parliament, Mr Glenn says, and he offered to bankroll him to do it.

After karakia and final farewell speeches to Sir Howard on Monday night, a who's who of New Zealand singers was set to perform.

The funeral starts 11am Tuesday.