6 Oct 2009

Maori told to widen investment horizons

9:31 pm on 6 October 2009

The chair of Maori backed mobile phone company Two Degrees says Maori land-based organisations need to widen their investment horizon.

Through Hautaki Limited, the commercial arm of Maori spectrum trust Te Huarahi Tika, the new mobile phone operator, is currently raising more capital from Maori to fund the roll out of its network.

Waatea News reports that Two Degrees chair Bill Osborne says Maori have the right to own up to 20% of the company, but many of the trusts, incorporations and iwi groups approached so far have trouble seeing the opportunity.

He says Maori in general have been very focused on land based assets, but it's good for Maori to be involved in areas like radio spectrum which is about the future and enhancing communication in a modern environment.