20 Oct 2009

Auckland Grammar pupils apologise over Nazi photos

10:51 pm on 20 October 2009

Auckland Grammar School pupils who sparked a scandal by posing for photos with Nazi regalia have apologised for their actions.

Pictures of the teenagers kissing a swastika, making a Nazi salute, and kneeling in homage before a Nazi flag were taken earlier this year at the Auckland War Memorial Museum and posted on the internet.

The five boys spent 30 minutes on Tuesday morning apologising and admitting their ignorance before World War II and Korean War veterans and museum staff.

World War II veteran John Ross says the apology was sincere and is happy with the outcome. He believes the boys realise how silly they were and that they regret taking the photos.

A spokesperson for the museum, Karen Mason, says the boys admitted the prank was ignorant and say they are deeply sorry for the hurt they have caused. They have also offered to do work experience at the museum.

Lincoln students fined over costumes

In Wellington, 15 students from Lincoln University attended the Holocaust Research and Education Centre on Tuesday as part of their punishment for partying in Nazi and Jewish prisoner costumes.

The students pleaded guilty at a disciplinary hearing to bringing discredit on the university at an Oktoberfest function last month.

The students have each been fined $200 and exam results were withheld for a period of time.