22 Oct 2009

Sensible Sentencing case against agencies on hold

4:00 pm on 22 October 2009

An attempt by the Sensible Sentencing Trust to take legal action against various Government agencies over suspected breaches of health and safety legislation is on hold.

The trust wants to prosecute the Department of Corrections, police and the Parole Board because it believes they erred in their handling of convicted murderer Graeme Burton who was released and went on to kill again.

Lawyers for the trust say they face a number of legal hurdles and need further time to work on the case.

They also hope to hold discussions with the departments on whether a resolution can be reached.

No fresh date has been set for the case, which was due to go before the Wellington District Court on Thursday.

Trust head Garth McVicar says he could be sued if something he did as an employer, caused hurt or injury to another person and the trust believes the same rules should apply to government agencies.