30 Oct 2009

Civil Defence weaknesses will be fixed - Minister

4:05 pm on 30 October 2009

Civil Defence Minister John Carter says weaknesses highlighted in a review of the Civil Defence Ministry's response to the Samoa tsunami will be fixed.

The tsunami followed a magnitude 8.0 earthquake at 6.48am on 30 September (NZT).

The Government has issued two reports, an external one looking at how it kept the public informed and an internal review of its operations.

Among the many criticisms, the internal review found there was confusion over who was in charge of keeping the media up to date.

Mr Carter says the ministry is now arranging to have a designated media liaison person who will be in charge of keeping the media up to date.

He says the 20 recommendations made in the internal review will be implemented.

CD director John Hamilton says the ministry failed to appreciate the need to be the prime source of reliable information in emergency situations.