13 Aug 2010

CTU starts name and shame campaign over work trial

3:53 pm on 13 August 2010

The Council of Trade Unions has launched a name and shame campaign, targeting businesses it says have unfairly dismissed people under the 90-day trial period.

The CTU has been campaigning against the Government's plans to change the labour laws, including extending the 90-day trial period scheme.

On Friday it published a video on internet video site YouTube telling the story of Heather Smith, whom it says was fired for no good reason from a pharmacy in the Lower Hutt suburb of Stokes Valley.

CTU president Helen Kelly says Prime Minister John Key has challenged unions to people who have been unfairly treated under the scheme and this campaign is a response to that.

Ms Kelly says the 90-day trial period is being promoted as some sort of benefit, when it in fact allows for unfair dismissal.

The CTU plans on releasing more stories of unfair dismissals soon, she says.