1 Jul 2013

Loan curbs would increase KiwiSaver importance - minister

11:10 am on 1 July 2013

The Government says Kiwisaver will become even more important if restrictions on home mortgage lending are tightened.

The Reserve Bank has indicated it favours a crackdown on mortgage loans to people with low deposits.

The central bank says tougher lending criteria when deposits are low is a better way of fighting housing inflation than other options, such as raising interest rates, though it is still examining the idea.

The bank says tighter mortgage availability would reduce demand for homes and affect prices.

Housing Minister Nick Smith says the prospect of tighter lending rules makes Kiwisaver more important than ever.

The Government has revealed that KiwiSaver enabled 10,700 people to make a deposit on their first home in the year to March 2013, up from 5,700 the previous year.