3 Jul 2013

Gisborne grenade found to be harmless

8:57 pm on 3 July 2013

Police say a hand grenade found in Gisborne was probably a training device and did not pose any risk to the public.

Senior Sergeant Lincoln Sycamore said police were called about 5.30am on Wednesday after a man found it in a container in the suburb of Kaiti.

The area was cordoned off and officers evacuated a number of people from their homes as a precaution.

Mr Sycamore said on military advice, the device was put in an ammunition box and left in a field away from the public while a bomb technician squad was sent from Waiouru camp.

He said an ordinance officer told him that the grenade was inert, with the explosive material removed, and had most likely been designed for training.

Mr Sycamore said thankfully, there was no danger to people - but it was better to be safe than sorry.

In 2010, a dog dug up a grenade in the back yard of a Gisborne house which turned out to be a World War I practice grenade.