9 Jul 2013

Residents opposed to cellphone tower say they'll keep protesting

10:00 am on 9 July 2013

Residents of a small town near Dunedin who are angry at the erection of a cellphone tower are planning to continue their protest.

About 20 Brighton residents protested on Monday as contractors for the mobile company 2degrees began work on installing a 12-metre tower in the coastal town south-east of Dunedin.

A 2degrees spokesperson, Charlene White, says the tower will operate well within Ministry of Health guidelines for emissions.

But a concerned resident, Karen Hanna, says local people don't want the tower near them because of health concerns, and their protest will continue for as long as it takes to stop the work.

"The council have essentially allowed this to go ahead without any form of consultation or consideration for the public safety," she says.