10 Jul 2013

Banks suggests SIS clause included in spy bill

9:37 pm on 10 July 2013

Prime Minister John Key has signalled he is prepared to make further compromises to get support for the Government's new spy legislation.

ACT leader John Banks.

ACT leader John Banks. Photo: RNZ

The bill increases the powers of the Government Communications Security Bureau and would allow it to spy on New Zealand citizens and residents.

Mr Key says ACT Party leader John Banks has suggested that clauses out of the SIS Act be included in the bill.

Mr Banks said on Wednesday the change would give greater confidence to New Zealanders about the legislation.

"It sets out clearly the philosophy, concepts and principles of the Act. And it will give the Inspector-General a very good guideline, quite tight parameters from which to exercise his rights under that Act to protect law abiding citizens."

John Banks' suggestion is likely to be discussed when the Intelligence and Security Committee meets on Wednesday night.