12 Jul 2013

'Dad patrol' begins in Kaitaia

9:29 pm on 12 July 2013

A group of Far North fathers are patrolling Kaitaia streets from Friday night after their daughters were assaulted by drunken teenagers.

The nine schoolgirls came out of the town's cinema on 5 July and were surrounded and attacked by a much larger group of teenagers who had been drinking in a park.

Senior Sergeant Geoff Ryan says the girls' fathers are determined to make the streets safer and he's happy to support their efforts.

He met the group before they headed out on patrol about 6.30pm to brief them on safety, the law, and how to call for police back-up.

Mr Ryan says the 'Dad-Patrol' - as it's been called - is the sort of community initiative that's worked well elsewhere and will help police make Kaitaia safer at night.