19 Jul 2013

Inmate gives evidence in contraband case

10:34 pm on 19 July 2013

An Auckland lawyer charged with taking contraband items to murderer Liam Reid in prison has called him to give evidence in her case.

Davina Murray is defending herself at the Auckland District Court hearing. She is charged with providing an i-Phone, cigarettes and a lighter to Reid in Mt Eden prison on 7 October 2011.

On Friday, Reid gave his version of events on the day the contraband items were found on him, in which he claimed that Corrections officers man-handled him.

He did not specify what items were found, and said he was surprised he was called to the stand and should have been briefed. He appeared frustrated and used a lot of swear words.

The Crown is expected to cross-examine Liam Reid next week.

Corrections officer Noel Purcell told the court that after Reid met with Ms Murray on 7 October 2011, he was searched using a metal detector wand and an i-Phone, cigarettes and a lighter were found.

When Mr Purcell asked Reid where he got them, the inmate said he got them from another Corrections Officer.

Mr Purcell told the court that Davina Murray had previously complained to the prison's director about interfering in their meetings.

In cross-examination, Ms Murray suggested that Mr Purcell didn't know about the parts of Corrections Act pertaining to lawyer visits with inmates.

Ms Murray had been remanded at large since she was charged in 2011, but Judge Russell Collins remanded her on bail on Friday and her only condition was not to contact Liam Reid.

The judge has so far dismissed Ms Murray's grounds for an application to stay the prosecution, which include bad faith in the police investigation and judicial bias.

Liam Reid is serving a 23-year-sentence for killing Christchurch deaf woman Emma Agnew in 2007 and for the rape and attempted murder of a university student nine days later in Dunedin.