29 Jul 2013

Hearings on Christchurch alcohol policy begin

11:58 am on 29 July 2013

Christchurch City Council has started hearing from some of the submitters on a new draft alcohol policy.

The policy proposes that central city bars close at 3am, with a one-way door system from 1am.

A 1am closing time would be imposed on the rest of the city and trading hours for off-licences would be restricted.

Over the next four days, the council will hear from 875 of the 4000 submitters.

A nightlife group, which opposes the restrictions, told the hearing on Monday it would like to see the council restart the whole process, and undertake much wider public consultation.

Former central city bar manager Murray Chesterman said most disorder at his premises came from people who had been denied access, because they were too drunk. He said this will get worse under the new policy.