6 Aug 2013

Guide launched for carers of elderly homosexuals

9:41 am on 6 August 2013

A how-to guide for carers looking after gay and lesbian elderly people has been launched in Auckland.

The resource kit was created by nursing and aged-care specialists in response to what they say is a new generation of homosexual men and women moving into aged care.

The kit, which includes a short video, workbooks, and guidelines on caring for gay, lesbian and bisexual residents, received positive reviews at a recent trial in Auckland.

Michal Boyd, who helped develop the resource kit, hopes eventually to incorporate caring for transgender residents too.

She says elderly people are often assumed to be heterosexual and the guide will help change that.

Dr Boyd says the current generation of elderly moving into aged care facilities is the first to be visible and "out" and aged-care institutions have to be ready for them.

The next step is to distributing the kit to aged-care facilities throughout the country.