19 Aug 2013

Police fail to solve boat mystery

6:23 am on 19 August 2013

Police in Gisborne say they are no closer to solving the mystery of a half submerged runabout found off Tuahine Point on Sunday afternoon.

A coastguard vessel and police immediately began a shoreline and sea search when the vessel was discovered but the search was called off as night fell.

Police say 30 to 40 kina were found on the boat, leading them to think that one or more people had been diving from it.

Dave Wallace, the skipper of a fishing charter that spotted the half submerged vessel, says there was no sign of any damage and the motor was in working order.

He says the kina on board was old and stuck to the hull and the boat may have been floating around for some time.

Sergeant Greg Lexmond says police have searched marinas, slipways and boat ramps but have found no empty vehicles with trailers. Mr Lexmond says the boat is new and police are worried that the boat's occupants might have been lost during an underwater emergency.

However, he says no-one has been reported missing.

Police will continue radio broadcasts seeking information on Monday but will not resume the sea search.