23 Aug 2013

Complaint to be made by manslaughter accused

5:33 am on 23 August 2013

A man found not guilty of manslaughter says the police had no right to charge him and he intends making a formal complaint.

Timothy Morrison, 46, claimed Robert Harris tried to attack him in July last year and he put his hand up to defend himself.

Mr Harris fell back, hit his head, and died in hospital a few days later.

Mr Morrison said he should not have been charged in the first place because police based the charge on misconstrued evidence. As an example, he said, one witness had been drinking for 12 hours.

He intends to file a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority.

Police say the law required a manslaughter charge to be laid. They say Mr Morrison is entitled to take whatever steps he feels necesary to address his grievance.