27 Aug 2013

Casino cheats sentenced

9:44 pm on 27 August 2013

Two people who colluded with a casino worker to cheat Hamilton's Sky City Casino out of just over $50,000 have been sentenced in the city's district court.

Zhou Zhao, who is 32 and a New Zealand resident, was sentenced to five months' home detention and ordered to pay reparation of $13,000.

Xiao Dong Lu, aged 28 and a non resident, has to pay $4000 in reparation and undertake 350 hours of community work, although the judge recognised that she would be deported before serving her sentence.

The two were found guilty on charges of deception after they worked with a roulette table dealer who allowed them to place bets after the roulette ball had dropped into the winning slot.

The dealer, Bo Du, was sentenced to nine months' home detention and ordered to pay $20,000 in reparation when she was sentenced earlier this year.