30 Aug 2013

Man charged over fatal dog mauling

5:07 pm on 30 August 2013

An Auckland man charged over a dog attack in which a woman was killed has appeared in court.

Chloe Mathewson was mauled by two Rottweilers at a Redvale property in March.

The 52-year-old North Shore man who owned the dogs has been charged with two counts of owning a dog that causes serious injury.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of three years' imprisonment.

Police carried out a search warrant of the man's property on Friday morning.

He's been further charged with five drug offences, which include the possession of methamphetamine and its precursors, as well as possession of the drug GBL, a pre-cursor for the date-rape drug, GHB.

Two other men also face drug possession and supply charges.

The dog owner has been remanded on bail and will reappear in court on 20 September.

The unrelated drugs charges were laid after police carried out a search warrant at a commercial storage unit on Friday morning.