2 Sep 2013

Survey suggests exporters need more support

4:27 pm on 2 September 2013

A study has found more support is needed for exporters to meet the Government's goal of earning more from overseas.

The Massey University report, commissioned by the Government, interviewed 98 firms to identify what is required to become a successful exporter.

The director of the university's Centre for Small and Medium Enterprise Research, David Deakins, says the formula for doing business overseas is having the products people want, good planning and the rights contacts.

Remoteness from markets has deterred firms from exporting but Dr Deakins says the internet has reduced the cost.

He says government support appears effective, but the study identified more help is needed for those wanting to become exporters.

Manufacturers and Exporters Association chief executive John Walley says the volatility of the dollar is hindering the growth of the export sector and the Government could do more.

New Zealand Association of Scientists president Shaun Hendy says the volatility of the dollar reflects the country's reliance on being a commodity producer, as the prices for milk, meat and logs tend to move sharply up and down.

Professor Hendy says encouraging more investment in research and development outside of the primary sector is very important.