3 Sep 2013

Auckland Council rejects housing density plan

10:03 am on 3 September 2013

An idea intended to allow cheaper and more varied housing to be built in Auckland's suburbs has been dumped by councillors finalising a draft 30-year growth blueprint.

The concept would have allowed an unlimited number of dwellings to be built on larger sites, with the council having total control of the quality of design and features in the development.

Proponents argue it would allow smaller, more varied and more affordable dwellings in Auckland's suburbs.

Auckland councillors have allowed it in the smaller housing zones closer to town centres but not in suburbs that make up 40% of the urban area.

Opponents says there's no need to extend it to suburbs, where existing communities don't want higher density living.

The idea is being hailed by architects, developers and council planners, and could re-surface as a formal objection once the draft Unitary Plan is notified soon.