5 Sep 2013

Research suggests public servants think poorly of their bosses

3:45 pm on 5 September 2013

A new survey has found that public servants are committed to their jobs, but think poorly of the organisations they work for.

The Victoria University survey of almost 16,000 employees found many were critical of poor information flow within organisations, and a lack of collaboration, innovation, rewards, training and development.

Project leader Geoff Plimmer said respondents were ambivalent about managers who were weak at taking risks and based decisions on politics rather than facts.

Dr Plimmer said the worst organisations had high workloads, high rates of bullying, and less employment security.

He said the public service needs to have a stronger focus on people issues, collaboration, innovation and flexibility.

Dr Plimmer said efforts by the State Service Commission to improve the sector are commendable, but it has a long road ahead.

The research found that large central government agencies tended to be the worst, but over 80% of respondents liked the work they were doing.