10 Sep 2013

Chef plans weight loss after deportation reprieve

9:27 am on 10 September 2013

A South African chef who was granted a reprieve from deportation from New Zealand due to health issues, including obesity, plans to lose more weight.

Albert Buitenhuis, who weighs 125 kilograms and has osteoarthritis in his knee, has been given a two year extension to his work visa on the condition he does not use publicly funded health care.

The chef's case attracted world attention after reports he faced deportation because of obesity.

Mr Buitenhuis originally weighed 160 kilograms but has lost 35 kilograms, and plans to lost another 25.

He told Morning Report he is looking forward to returning to work in Christchurch.

"We've been living with my sister for two months now. We just want to go back and start earning a living again," he said.

Mr Buitenhuis said he plans to travel to India to have his knee replaced.