12 Sep 2013

Speight's recalls cider brand

7:40 am on 12 September 2013

Lion breweries is recalling one of its Speight's cider products because of a labelling problem.

The brewing company says labels on its 568ml glass bottles of Speight's cider do not contain a warning about sulphites.

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Lion adds sulphites to its cider to help with preserving.

The company says there is nothing wrong with the cider and the recall is only because the product is incorrectly labelled.

Lion says it has not had complaints from consumers, but labelling the sulphites is a mandatory requirement of the Food Code.

Some people are allergic to sulphites, which occur naturally in wine.

The recall involves about 18,000 bottles of the cider. None of Lion's beer products or any of its other cider products are affected.