12 Sep 2013

Weddings pose health dangers

12:24 pm on 12 September 2013

The Accident Compensation Corporation says weddings can be dangerous for people's health.

It says at least 600 ACC claims between 2010 and 2012 were clearly wedding-related.

The corporation says dancing leads to most wedding-related injuries - whether it's teetering over in high heels, pulling muscles while busting out a fancy move, slipping on a wet floor or having your toes stood on by another guest.

It says several injuries were sustained while jumping to catch the bouquet.

There were also back strains from moving tables, lifting cases of wine and carrying musical equipment. Some people fell while stringing up lights and decorations.

ACC says food plays a big part in any wedding but preparing it led to cut fingers. People also chipped teeth on foreign objects in the cake or other fare.

Its last cautionary tale? Guard against swallowing rings or other jewellery, because it says that can happen.