13 Sep 2013

Passport fraud admitted by fugitive

9:01 pm on 13 September 2013

A Hamilton man who fled the country before being sentenced on sex charges has pleaded guilty to obtaining a false passport.

Christopher Crause, 48, appeared in the Hamilton District Court on Friday on two charges under the Passport Act and one of conspiring to defeat the course of justice.

Crause was found guilty in March last year on eight charges relating to sex with a minor and two charges of supplying cannabis to a person under 18.

He was granted bail, but obtained a passport using a false name, that of Daniel John Finnerty.

Crause used the passport to go to Australia and from there he travelled to South Africa using his own passport.

He was located in Botswana and deported to New Zealand last month.

Crause will be sentenced on all charges on 23 October.

His wife who helped him was sentenced to home detention earlier this year.