18 Sep 2013

Trekker injured in PNG attack plans return trip

2:27 pm on 18 September 2013

A New Zealander injured in an attack on a trekking party in Papua New Guinea says most of the group's members are planning to return.

Three local porters were killed when men brandishing machetes attacked the trekkers in Morobe province last week.

Other local porters were injured and the group, which also includes several Australians, has established a trust to help them pay their medical costs.

The New Zealander, Nick Bennett, who now lives in Queensland, says he had to watch the frenzied attack helplessly after he was struck with a rifle butt.

But he says Papua New Guinea is not an overly dangerous place and travellers have to prepare for a trip there, as they would for any other country.

He says the group plans to complete the trek, and to visit the families of the porters.