20 Sep 2013

Teachers' Council tactics over Parker commended

3:06 pm on 20 September 2013

The Tai Tokerau Principals' Federation says removing the paedophile, James Parker, from the Teachers' Register is another milestone for the community he damaged.

Parker was struck off this week, a year after he pleaded guilty to multiple charges of abusing boys at Pamapuria school.

Principals' Federation president Pat Newman says the Teachers' Council could have taken action before Parker was sentenced, but by law that would have meant hearing evidence from the children.

He says by waiting for the judge's sentencing notes, the council was able to save them that trauma.

Mr Newman says a lot of people were outraged that Parker remained on the register after admitting his guilt, but he posed no risk while in prison.

He says Pamapuria School is recovering well under the leadership of a new principal.