27 Sep 2013

Anti-abortion float banned from Alexandra Blossom Festival

4:41 pm on 27 September 2013

A float in Saturday's Alexandra Blossom Festival parade has been banned because of its anti-abortion message.

The float, created by the Life is Precious group, was to feature a 2 metre tall 12 week-old foetus.

Bruce Lietze says he had been working on the float for about four months, and was only told this week that it wouldn't be allowed to go in the parade.

Mr Lietze says he is surprised a float using Sir Edmund Hillary's famous phrase of "We knocked the bastard off" is allowed, while their float is not.

He says he finds obscene language more offensive than a representation of a natural part of human development.

Mr Lietze says he is especially disappointed as the organisers were aware of the plan for the float for months.

Parade organiser Martin McPherson says the parade is a fun way of celebrating the community, and the anti-abortion float was inappropriate for the event.

Mr McPherson says the Life is Precious group took part in the parade last year, and were warned about the suitability of their float then.