1 Oct 2013

Morning Report: local papers

7:35 am on 1 October 2013

Tuesday's headlines: Only a portion of calls being answered at helplines for distressed children due to funding problems; woman stopped breathing for five minutes on a trans-Tasman flight from Brisbane; many ageing sex offenders could end dying in prison.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald has pictures of Dean Barker and Russell Coutts. It quotes Barker as saying 'the emotion is pretty raw', while Coutts' picture is accompanied by the quote: 'there was no secret weapon'.

The top story is about a mid air drama on a trans-Tasman flight. An elderly woman stopped breathing for five minutes on a flight from Brisbane, before an Auckland doctor revived her.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times has a story about ageing sex offenders. The paper says more than 200 pensioner-aged offenders are behind bars, and it says many could end up dying in prison because of a lack of suitable community support.

Former Hamilton city mayoral candidate Dave MacPherson has brushed off criticism about his abrupt withdrawal from the race. Mr Macpherson pulled out on Saturday and has thrown his support behind Ewan Wilson.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post leads with claims by some teachers and principals that there is too much paperwork involved in disciplining children. Rob Torr from the PPTA said 'teachers can't physically issue a lunchtime detention, instead they have to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and pass it onto their manager.'

And a petition to include horses in all road planning decisions has been presented to parliament. Rangitikei MP Ian McKelvie says it's a request to recognise horses as an alternative mode of transport.

The Press

The Press leads with the headline 'teens hanging on phone'. Staff at nationwide helplines for distressed children are answering only a portion of calls due to funding problems. In the last year only 38% of calls to the What's Up helpline were answered.

McLeans Island Forest Park, a popular recreational area near Christchurch, could be closed for months due to extensive storm damage.


The Otago Daily Times reports a big lift in the financial performance of five companies owned by Dunedin City Council. The change in fortune is being put down to changes in governance.

Dunedin Mayor Dave Cull has told the paper a push to shift Agresearch jobs north to Christchurch is cannabalising the rest of the South Island.