1 Oct 2013

Child killed by reversing car

11:33 am on 1 October 2013

A Coroner's report has detailed how a father tragically killed his son, when he reversed into him with his car as the child rushed to meet him after work.

James Kingsley Palmer, aged 18 months, died in Warkworth, north of Auckland, in February.

The report said he must have heard his father's car in the driveway and ran out to meet him as he usually would.

His mother saw what was happened, and yelled, but there was no way the boy could have heard her or his father could stop.

The Coroner says such tragedies serve as a reminder that supervising adults and drivers need to be mindful of the inherent risks with children on or near areas used by vehicles.

On average, five children are killed by cars in driveways each year.